Criminal Appeals

If you have already been convicted of a crime after a jury trial, then the only hope for you is often that an appeal will be granted.  An appeal is a request for a higher court, consisting of a panel of judges, to review the record of your trial for any legal issues raised by the attorney in his written brief in order to determine if any errors were made in convicting you.  If there were errors, you could be granted a new trial, your charges could be reduced or dismissed, and/or your sentence could be reduced.Appealable issues may range from anything to claiming that a certain piece of evidence should or should not have been excluded from the trial, that a prosecutor or juror committed some form of misconduct, or that the evidence in the record simply did not support the verdict.  These are the major issues, but indeed, there are far more that can and have led to cases being overturned on appeal in California. 
Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has experience reviewing criminal cases for appeals, but most importantly, unlike many appellate attorneys in California, he actually has done a significant amount of jury trials himself.  He does much more than just write legal briefs.  In order to most effectively argue your issues on appeal, you need someone who has been in the courtroom and can tell you exactly what your previous attorney should have done to help you.  Mr. Lawrence will not only review the complete record of your trial for errors, but he will also review all of the discovery that your attorney had before the trial to determine if the attorney competently represented you from the start.

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