Parent of a Former Client

 "Mr. Lawrence is a fantastic trial attorney, and he really knows how to put his clients at ease. I will never forget how he saved my daughter's life when she was falsely accused of murder."   

-L. Allatore

Former Client

"Jeff is an amazing attorney!  He was able to save our teenage son from a life long felony conviction and a strike on a first offense.  He negotiated a fair deal and gave our son a second chance to change his life.  Without Jeff's help, we have no doubt our son's future would be dismal.  You can trust Jeff to make sure your case is treated fairly!"

- Yelp Reviewer

Former Client

 "I am an ex-con, with a strike and prison priors on my record. In Riverside County, I was facing 7 years at 80% for a petty theft with a prior. I hired Mr. Lawrence, and after filing several motions on my behalf, the DA reluctantly agreed to a sentence of 16 months at 50%, which was a gift given my priors. Thank you Jeff!"  

-  T. Mohrland 

Former Client

 "Mr. Lawrence saved my 16 year old son from serving 50 years to life in prison."  

-C. Vargas

Former Client

 "After another attorney I had hired miserably lost my jury trial, I was facing a probation recommendation for 6 years in state prison at 85% in Inyo County, California. I had no prior record, and much to my shock, I was convicted of a violent felony under the California 3 strikes law, including the personal use of a firearm. I was certtain that I was going to lose my career and my freedom. When I contacted Mr. Lawrence, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and skills, so I hired him. Even though he had never even appeared out in Inyo County before, he was able to persuade the trial judge and the DA to agree to sentence me to only 90 days on weekends and 90 days of community service after just two appearances...absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend Mr. Lawrence without hesitation to anyone in trouble with the law, but don't make the same mistake I did...hire him before the trial if you can!"  

-S. Hall

Professional Colleague

 "His professionally-aggressive but knowledgeable approach was very effective with witnesses and helped convince the jury that his client was not guilty. I give him a very high rating as a defense attorney." 

- Don Jordan, legendary local criminal defense attorney, who represented a co-defendant in one of Mr. Lawrence's murder trials  

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