Domestic Violence

Have you been charged with some type of domestic violence crime?  Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has over 15 years of experience handling these cases, and he can help you fight the government if you have been accused of them.

A variety of charges can fall under the general category of domestic violence, including assault, battery, spousal abuse, child abuse, false imprisonment, kidnapping, stalking, restraining order violations, sexual assaults, attempted murder, and even murder.  Many of these charges can be filed as either a felony or a misdemeanor, at the discretion of the District Attorney, often based on a combination of one's prior record and the seriousness of the current situation.  Domestic violence can involve spouses, dating relationships, children, ex-spouses, ex-partners, or elderly residents of your home.  Common violations include California PC §273.5, PC §273a, PC §243(e)(1), PC §236, PC §207, PC §245(a)(1); PC §368(b)(1); PC §242; PC §240; PC §646.9.

Domestic violence is no longer a private affair to be dealt with solely by the individuals involved.   Ever since the highly publicized murder of Nicole Simpson, domestic violence has been viewed much more seriously by judges and prosecutors, who often will proceed even without a cooperating victim.  Thus, even when the evidence consists primarily of a “victim” who wants to recant their story or drop charges, a skilled defense attorney is critical to achieving a favorable result. 

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has represented hundreds of men and women who were charged with domestic violence crimes.  As always, his goal is to gather all available evidence, explore every angle, and build the best defense case possible in order to help you out.  Mr. Lawrence’s tremendous experience enables him to see how to effectively navigate these emotionally charges cases.  Often a well conducted investigation in a domestic violence case can lead to a more favorable result, eliminating the need for a very stressful trial.  However, if there is no choice but to go to trial, then you will definitely need Mr. Lawrence's trial skills in your corner!

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