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Driving Under the Influence

Have you been arrested for a DUI violation of VC §23152(a/b) in California?  Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has the knowledge and experience you need on your side to secure the most favorable results possible for all DUI related crimes.  He has negotiated fantastic settlements for numerous past DUI clients in his lengthy career, such as reduction of charges to wet reckless, dry reckless, minor traffic infractions, and even dismissals. 

Mr. Lawrence has successfully secured numerous DUI programs, drug rehabilitation programs, and other alternative sentencing options for his past clients that reduced the time in custody or eliminated it altogether.  Mr. Lawrence has also handled many serious cases involving alcohol related deaths, such vehicular manslaughter and murder.  No attorney can promise future results in a criminal case, but attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has the experience you need on your side.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, then you will have to deal with not only the criminal justice system, but also the dreaded DMV, and both experiences can be total nightmares if you go it alone or with a Public Defender, who will not even appear at the DMV hearing for you.  Hiring an attorney can be of great benefit in all misdemeanor cases for this reason, even if there does not appear to be any legal issues with your case.  In addition, you should contact a lawyer immediately after your arrest, so that the attorney can request an Admin Per Se hearing from the DMV. This must be done within ten days of your arrest in order to protect your right to a hearing so that your driving privilege is not immediately suspended for four months.

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence is able to attend most misdemeanor DUI hearings on your behalf, without your presence, allowing you to continue earning money, instead of wasting your vacation time from work standing in line at court or the DMV.  He can meet with you at your convenience in the comfort of his office in order to explain the details of your case and to have you sign any court documents that can immediately be notarized by his secretary at no additional charge, alleviating the need for any stressful court appearances.  

These matters are difficult and stressful, but they can be successfully defended both in court and at the DMV.  If you think you actually have a defense to your case, then you really need to contact Mr. Lawrence, as he will have an investigator interview witnesses and secure evidence on your behalf in order to best prepare for trial.  If you need an expert, Mr. Lawrence has the local knowledge to secure a great one for you.  And when it comes to needing to actually argue your case in court to a jury, Mr. Lawrence is second to none.

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