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Murder, manslaughter, homicide, a “187”.... nothing in our criminal justice system evokes more emotion and fear than these charges.  When you or your loved one is facing a homicide charge like first degree murder, second degree murder, attempted murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, it will be life changing, no matter what the outcome.  You or your loved one could be locked up forever, and you need the experience and talent of a seasoned trial attorney like Jeffrey R. Lawrence on your side. 

Mr. Lawrence has a Tremendous Depth of Experience

Mr. Lawrence has the extensive experience that you will want on your side to help both the accused and his family understand all of the complex legal issues and defenses involved in a criminal homicide case.  When you retain him, Mr. Lawrence will deploy powerful murder defense tactics on behalf of every one of his clients facing accusations of wrongfully taking another’s life.  From the start, he will personally meet with you to discuss your case, he will thoroughly review all the facts of your case and prepare investigation requests tailored to your needs in order to start developing defense issues as soon as possible, such as establishing an alibi, misidentification, coercion, and self-defense.  He will focus on gathering evidence that can be used to help reduce your charges in a plea bargain or help save your life in a jury trial.

As a founding member of the San Bernardino County Public Defender’s Central Homicide Team, Mr. Lawrence was literally exposed to dozens and dozens of real murder cases with all types of varying fact patterns, and he also received tons of additional training in handling murder cases on topics like DNA and forensic analysis.  Since San Bernardino County has one of the highest murder rates in the nation and their Public Defender’s Office handled at least 80% of those cases, Mr. Lawrence truly does have a lot more experience than most private lawyers who may even have been practicing twice as long. While he was employed as an attorney with the San Bernardino County Public Defender’s office for over 12 years, Mr. Lawrence personally tried seven murder cases in front of juries, achieving favorable results in six of them, an astounding record.  In one case in particular, Mr. Lawrence’s client was charged with LWOP murder, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking, and torture.  After a 5 week jury trial, the client was found not guilty of all charges.  Mr. Lawrence has also achieved many favorable pleas to lesser charges than murder without going to trial for several clients who were facing life in prison.  Keep in mind that none of these clients ever paid him a dime! 

In most murder cases, the prosecution is unlikely to give any pre-trial settlement offers short of life in prison.  Bail is routinely denied to murder defendants and they often must fight their cases from behind bars.  An attorney cannot simply use his or her "connections" to make a murder case go away.  The fact is that if you don't have a charismatic trial attorney experienced in providing murder defense, then there may be no hope of seeing the outside world again.   

Strengthening A Homicide Defendants’ Position

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence understands the intense emotions surrounding serious criminal charges such as murder and manslaughter. If you are his client, Mr. Lawrence will work hard to keep you and your family informed of all of your options, involved in your own defense, and grounded, so that everyone can be effective members of the defense effort, rather than feeling left in the dark.  Familial support can be invaluable in the event that your case proceeds to trial.  Mr. Lawrence will take whatever time is necessary to properly represent each defendant and to prepare every client for what may be the most crucial decision of their lives.

Even though the prosecution and their police investigators spend tremendous time building their cases, they often make mistakes. They try to overextend the value of their evidence to support tenuous allegations or weak theories.  The government expends tremendous financial and human resources to investigate murder cases. The recordings of witness interviews can fill many CD-ROM media, and the transcripts of police reports and interviews can span thousands of pages. The prosecutors can use grand jury proceedings to rob the defense of its chance to discredit government evidence prior to trial.  You need a veteran attorney like Mr. Lawrence who can effectively review and organize this massive discovery and combat the prosecution’s tactics with a few of his own.

Mr. Lawrence is highly qualified to draft effective pre-trial and trial motions, jury instructions, and jury questionnaires.  He understands the subtle politics involved in a homicide case, the predispositions of different local judges, the likely success or failure of particular arguments, and the importance of witness preparation for trial. 

Mr. Lawrence is a Veteran Trial Attorney

Homicide cases are won or lost based not only on better investigations and better knowledge of the law, but perhaps more importantly, on better delivery of the trial presentation.  In other words, in a real fight for your life, you need an attorney with far more than just a collection of tricks up his sleeve.  A great trial lawyer is beyond gimmicks; he has the ability to transform the courtroom into a place where everyone is equally swept up and cast down before the law, and the courtroom becomes his classroom.  A winning defense theory is crafted by an attorney who elevates his professional skill to the level of a master artist.

The stakes in a homicide case are as high as they can get.  In California, whether you are sentenced to 15 to Life, 25 to Life, 50 to Life, or Life without Parole, you will likely never get out of prison again.  It seems that more so than in any other criminal cases, juries want to hold someone responsible in a homicide case.  When you have just one shot at freedom, just one chance to save your life, you have to contact the trial lawyer who has the talent, skill and experience to fight and win your murder charge.  Do not hire an inexperienced or “cheap” attorney….you are likely better off with a Public Defender.  If you have the resources though, now is the time when you need to use them to hire attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence to defend you. 

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