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Grand Jury Investigations

Have you been subpoenaed by a grand jury in California to testify?  Are you the target of a grand jury investigation, right now?  If so, you need to contact attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence, who has experience handing these matters, to properly advise you as how best to proceed.

The grand jury in the California justice system is basically just an arm of the prosecution, and it is used in some situations to assist in the investigation of potential criminal activity and to deprive the defendant of the right to a preliminary hearing.   A grand jury meets in secret, with only the prosecutor and perhaps an agent or investigator present.  In most California jurisdictions, grand jury indictments are actually rarely used, and so many criminal defense attorneys do not have any actual experience dealing with them, but Mr. Lawrence does.

Sometimes, prosecutors issue subpoenas in the name of the grand jury, seeking to obtain documents or other items that can potentially be evidence of a crime. Occasionally, a prosecutor will issue a subpoena that requires a person to appear and provide testimony in front of the grand jury. A person who receives a subpoena to testify in front of a grand jury sometimes is merely a witness from whom the prosecutor wants some information. However, sometimes the person is either the "subject" of the investigation, or is actually the "target" of the grand jury.

A person who is called upon to either produce documents or provide testimony for a grand jury needs to have the help of a highly skilled criminal defense attorney. Many lawyers do not realize that they are not permitted to accompany their client into the room where the grand jury meets. This is crucial, because while the client has the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, the lawyer is not allowed to be with the client when questions are asked. In other words, the person needs to be well prepared by his or her attorney before they go to testify or produce documents at a grand jury proceeding.

As an aggressive attorney, Mr. Lawrence will also look at whether a motion to quash a subpoena should be filed on behalf of each client. Such motions seek a court order which rules that the person either does not have to produce the documents, or need not answer questions from the grand jury.  Criminal defense attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence  understands the grand jury process very well, and he can effectively represent you whether you are a witness or a target of an investigation.   

Pre-arrest Representation

 Far too many people believe that they do not need an attorney until they are arrested or indicted.  This is a fatal mistake.  The fact is that an attorney can make a tremendous difference while you are being investigated, protecting your rights, speaking on your behalf, and possibly even preventing a complaint from being filed or an indictment from ever being handed down.

If you receive any letter or correspondence from a District Attorney, a State Attorney, or a United States Attorney's Office, you should immediately consult with attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence.  Mr. Lawrence has the years of experience defending thousands of people in California who have been charge with all types of crimes.  He is well-known for providing the same high level of vigorous representation for all of his clients.  Mr. Lawrence will work hard to protect you from further legal problems in the face of any investigation, and he will personally accompany you to any pre-arrest interviews.  He will properly advise as to whether you should cooperate with the investigation or remain silent.

Regardless of the specifics of your situation, the key is to insulate yourself from the authorities. Again, anything you do or say to any law enforcement authority can be used against you in court. Even if you are not facing a charge or grand jury investigation, you are equally vulnerable when speaking to authorities in any way, if you are under investigation.

Do not think you can talk your way out of it.  The police are allowed to legally deploy many coercive tactics during their interrogations that no matter how well prepared you think you are, you will not be.  If you have a warrant out for your arrest already, or if the police are actively seeking to speak to you about a crime, you need the guidance of an experienced professional like attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence in your corner. 

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