Sex Crimes

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has obtained several years of experience defending people accused of all types of sex crimes while employed as a Deputy Public Defender for 12 years.  This includes cases involving rape, statutory rape, child molestation, prostitution, failing to register as a sex offender, and possession of child pornography.  Mr. Lawrence has successfully represented adult and juvenile clients charged with sex crimes, both male and female. 

The sentencing ranges for sexual crimes vary tremendously anywhere from probation to mandatory county jail time to prison terms up to life.  Serious sex crimes can often be sentenced fully consecutive to one another, resulting in 100+ year terms!  These cases are often more serious than murder cases, and as such, you need highly competent representation immediately if you are charged with a sex crime.

These cases are always very sensitive and the allegations alone can be damaging for life.  When facing charges of a sexual crime, you truly need to have a devoted criminal defense attorney in your corner who will champion your rights, one who is not afraid to aggressively defend you in court.  The fact is that some defense attorneys won’t even touch these cases, but Mr. Lawrence treats every client that he represents with the respect and professionalism they deserve, regardless of the charges they are facing.

In many cases, people charged with sexual offenses have been falsely accused in part or in whole.  Since alleged sex crimes are usually not witnessed by anyone, there is great power in just the accusation, and so, when one is charged with a sex crime, you are often “guilty until proven innocent” in most people’s eyes.  Therefore, it is essential to have a lawyer who can both present evidence of your good character and effectively attack the credibility of your accuser(s).  Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence is armed with the knowledge and real trial experience you need on your side to accomplish these goals.

Mr. Lawrence will thoroughly investigate your case in an effort to prove your innocence.  If you are seeking a fair plea bargain from the State, he will strive hard to work out the best deal possible for you by seeking alternative non registerable charges, by minimizing jail penalties, and by trying to obtain alternative sentencing options for you whenever possible.  Perhaps, most importantly, he will fight to keep your name off of the Megan’s Law list, a lifetime requirement under California Penal Code §290.  If the DA doesn’t think that your attorney is for real, then you will be in big trouble.  You need an attorney experienced in sex crimes defense in your corner.

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence will scrutinize the entire record in a sex case to uncover any violation of your constitutional rights, to uncover any mishandling of the physical evidence, and to expose faulty police work. He will work hard to identify contradictory testimony of witnesses and to expose medical, psychological, and personal problems that could explain why an alleged victim has leveled charges, and tell your side of the story. 

Child Molest Charges

Research has demonstrated how highly suggestible children are when asked leading questions by investigators. Sometimes, children are given a doll and asked if they were touched in certain areas; at other times, they may be asked to draw pictures of what is alleged to have happened. In each case, children may offer contradictory testimony or may embellish a story. Physical examinations may be inconclusive. As your attorney in a case alleging child sexual abuse or child molestation, Mr. Lawrence may consult with child psychologists and medical experts in order to expose the untrustworthy nature of these kinds of child interviews and the conclusions prosecutors attempt to draw from them.  Mr. Lawrence understands the unique legal, social, and emotional pressures associated with charges like California Penal Code §288(a), §288(b), §288a, etc. 

Rape, Date Rape, and Statutory Rape

Psychological problems, medication, or a personal vendetta can lead to charges of rape or other sexual assault when a personal relationship deteriorates. Depending on the facts involved, it may be important to consider your working relationship with your accuser, the personal history between you, and other information. Mr. Lawrence will attempt to have the personal background of the accuser investigated in order to determine if their friends or acquaintances are aware of certain patterns of behavior on the part of the alleged victim. Mr. Lawrence will subpoena all available records and documents to meaningfully investigate areas that will be useful to your defense on cross examination. If you have been charged with date rape (CPC §261) or statutory rape (CPC §261.5), you need an experienced criminal defense attorney like Mr. Lawrence on your side. 

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