Theft & White Collar Crimes

Theft & Embezzlement Defense Cases

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has over fifteen years of experience representing and successfully defending hundreds of people charged by the government with a wide variety of different theft crimes. These cases have included charges of:

  • Petty theft (shoplifting) (Cal. PC §488/490)
  • Petty theft w/priors (Cal. PC §666)
  • Grand theft (Cal. PC§487)
  • Commercial Burglary (Cal. PC §459)
  • Residential Burglary (Cal. PC §459)
  • Forgery (Cal. PC §476)
  • Check Fraud/Insufficient Funds (Cal. PC §470)
  • Welfare Fraud (Cal. W&I §10980(c)(2))
  • Auto Insurance Fraud
  • Home Insurance Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud
  • Counterfeiting of goods

Whatever your theft charges may be, Mr. Lawrence will thoroughly review all of the evidence in your case, hire an investigator to assist him in gathering facts to help your defense, and file any and all necessary legal motions in order to protect your rights.  If a jury trial is the only answer, Mr. Lawrence has experience you need on your side. 

Forgery, Embezzlement, Fraud and Business Theft

Fraud crimes such as forgery, check fraud, embezzlement, business theft or other forms of fraud are defined in most cases as the theft of financial resources by a person who has the responsibility to take care of those assets. In the basic sense, this can include everything from financial managers who have access to the recording of major financial assets, to a grocery store clerk who under reports daily sales numbers.

A conviction of these crimes carries with it the potential for lengthy prison sentences and very high fines.  Even just the hint of an investigation or charge of one of these type of theft crimes can have the possible consequence of public embarrassment. Charges like these can leave a lasting negative mark on a person's life and future potential, so it is very important to have someone on your side that knows what they are doing in order to best protect you.

The government can be a very formidable opponent in court because of its vast and virtually inexhaustible resources.  Because of this, if you are under investigation by the authorities for embezzlement, employee theft or some other form of fraud, or if you have already been charged with one of these crimes, it is crucial to contact an experienced attorney to get the sort of representation that your case requires. Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence will explore all of your options with you, and he will make sure that your case is investigated thoroughly before discussing settlement or deciding to go to trial. 

Fraud cases are often complex and juries can have difficulty understanding all of the elements involved.   So if you have to proceed to trial, attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence's extensive experience in criminal jury trials will help him prepare and present your case in a clear way that juries can more easily comprehend.

If you or a loved one is under investigation or has been charged with of any theft crime, contact attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence to get the defense you deserve. 

White Collar Crimes

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence offers an experienced defense for an array of white-collar crimes, including:  Mortgage fraud, Mail and Wire Fraud, Embezzlement and Theft Conspiracy, Corporate Accounting Fraud, Stock Fraud, Securities Fraud, Computer Fraud, Internet Fraud, Corporate Fraud, Workers Comp Fraud, Welfare Fraud, Insurance Fraud, and Money Laundering.Cases involving fraud and white collar crime often involve months or years of investigation on the part of prosecutors and authorities.  Since most forms of financial fraud involves misreporting assets, overbilling, and theft, investigators typically focus their attention on those employees who have access to a company's financial resources and accounting information.  As a result, persons with little or no involvement in a fraudulent scheme may find themselves facing serious criminal charges, especially after co-workers or managers strike a deal with prosecutors involving reduced charges and sentencing in exchange for testimony implicating others, like you.

White-collar prosecutions have become an everyday staple of the news, and both state and federal prosecutors are mounting more aggressive and creative cases. In the past few years, in particular, business executives have come under greater scrutiny - not just for alleged violations such as insider trading, but also for any attempt to cover up what they've done. An aggressive defense can minimize exposure and losses. The subtleties of a case, at a time when evidence can boil down to a single e-mail message, are especially crucial to a white-collar client. "Cooperating" witnesses are prevalent, and set-ups and sting operations are becoming more common in all areas of white-collar crime. A successful defense can hinge on the exclusion of a piece of evidence or an insider's grasp of how to negotiate a favorable plea agreement or settlement.  Experience like Mr. Lawrence’s will be invaluable in a white collar criminal defense.

Mr. Lawrence will take all necessary steps during an investigation and/or after an indictment has been handed down to protect the rights of his clients.  In fraud and white collar crime cases, it is essential that you get out in front of an investigation in order to anticipate what will be brought against you at trial. Mr. Lawrence has the experience and investigative resources needed to outflank prosecutors.

Even if you haven't committed a crime, and are trying to deal with law enforcement or prosecutors while unrepresented or improperly represented it can lead to obstruction of justice charges being filed against you, if you fail to cooperate with authorities in an appropriate manner.  As your white collar criminal defense attorney, Jeffrey R. Lawrence will fight hard to protect you from self-incrimination and other actions that could result in obstruction charges.

Upon accepting a client, Mr. Lawrence will vigorously prepare your case as if we’re going to trial and simultaneously attempt to negotiate a settlement that would be most favorable and approved by you. 

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