Weapons Offenses

 Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence has aggressively represented hundreds of clients in cases involving all types of weapons, such as: unlawful possession of firearms by felons, minors and adults carrying concealed weapons, unlicensed firearms, negligent  discharge of firearms, unlawful sale of weapons, possession or manufacture of explosives ammunition, manufacturing or possession of prohibited assault weapons, possession of knives on school grounds, as well as the companion crimes such as assault with a deadly weapon, California Penal Code §245(a)(1).

Both Federal and California weapons charges have undergone many changes in recent years.  Mr. Lawrence can inform you of the most up-to-date guidelines on statutes and penalties for weapons offenses if you have concerns about your compliance. 

Attorney Jeffrey R. Lawrence is very knowledgeable about constitutional search and seizure law, and he will be aggressive in seeking to have questionably obtained evidence excluded from your case.  If you feel that your guns were taken illegally and you have a right to own them, Mr. Lawrence will fight to get your collection back for you.  As a gun enthusiast himself, he knows how important they can be to a responsible owner.  He has frequently been successful getting clients’ weapons charges dismissed or reduced to charges of lesser crimes. 

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